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Neon Playground: Why this Game?


The vast majority of erotic games available today rely on discomfort and corruption style mechanics that encourage and reward toxic behavior as the player directs their character to harass and violate consent boundaries of others within the game to manipulate them into lewd behavior.

Instead, by focusing on character traits such as happiness and confidence, our game will help to demonstrate how people can grow and change as healthy sexual beings without having their consent violated. The excitement and reward of sexual fantasy need not be at odds with the idea of treating people with respect and dignity.


Most games do not have a diverse representation of gender or body types without using negativity and/or stereotyping. We want to help change that situation by presenting a story where all people are treated with respect and care.

Sex Positivity

Ironically, in many other erotic games, sex-positivity is either absent entirely or not directed equally to all characters. Often the (usually male) PC has internal dialog shaming himself for his attractions, and/or shaming their (usually female) NPC sexual partners. As sex-positive feminists, we want this to change, and for our games to show characters who happily enjoy sex and feel empowered by expressing their sexuality as they see fit.


Alternative relationship structures are woefully underrepresented in erotic games, and where they are portrayed, they are often contextualized as permutations of unrealistic and/or abusive “harems”.

Polyamory (and other forms of ethical non-monogamy) are rarely presented with any accuracy in these kinds of games, probably because most artists, developers, and writers are not familiar enough with the topic. Every person on our team is non-monogamous, and we want to tell erotic stories that make sense to us, and that reflect our lifestyles.

Cooperative Structure

We (Indecency Studios) are a leftist worker-owned cooperative ourselves, and we want to imagine and explore the ways such a business model could improve the lives and circumstances of those who love and are loved by sex workers.

It’s fucking hot!

Simply put, we love porn and erotica and sex workers, and there can never be too much of that kind of content in the world!

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