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Neon Playground

Introducing a new cyberpunk erotic brothel simulator: Neon Playground

In an alternative future, an alluring team of sex workers from a variety of genders, backgrounds, and body types take their futures into their own capable hands and open the most exciting brothel in the megapolis together. It won’t be easy for them to build a place where the insatiable appetites and desires of their guests are met, but they’ll …rise… to the challenge!

Welcome to the bowels of Sector City, one of the hubs of culture and capital in the galaxy. A city where wealthy elites, politicians, cops, bosses, pimps, and madams have long been sources of constant exploitation and abuse for our ragtag group of sex workers.

Realizing their strength in numbers, our sex heroes have decided to organize together and cooperate to create a worker-owned brothel where they can enthusiastically provide sensual and erotic pleasures. No more bosses taking their hard earned money, no more enduring the attentions of pushy and abusive clients – they’ll make their own rules now…

…in the Neon Playground!

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