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About Our Studio

Formed in early 2020, Indecency Studios is a leftist worker-owned cooperative that makes erotic art and interactive adult video games.

Our Team

Ours is a diverse team; half of us are women, and we have members who identify with the queer, trans, kink, and sex-worker communities. Several of us are neurodivergent and/or disabled. All of us are polyamorous. This combination of influences and voices gives us a unique perspective and a particular drive to represent aspects of all of these things in our art.

Our Art

We strive to create art that is sex-positive, body-positive, and inclusive. Our goal is to provide a counter-balance to the toxic influences that we see in much of pornography and erotic media available today.

Our Activism

As leftists, feminism and anti-racism are inherent aspects of our daily lives, and we view class as a pillar of activist intersectionality that is too often minimized or outright ignored. The art we produce will often tackle these issues where possible, in addition to many other aspects of radical intersectionality.

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